Thursday Club (or Russian evening?) and hazelnuts

Kalinka! Well, Russians don't drink wine but otherwise the similarities are obvious..

Tonight I got the question if the Swedish Christmas game "Filipin" has its origin in the Philippines. Eh, of course a tagalog-speaking person like me should be able to answer that philippino-related question but, shame on me, I didn't know. I didn't even know what the game was about (I was not the only one though). So, first of all I had to find out what kind of game Filipin is.

How to play Filipin: It's a game you play at Christmas and you can start playing if you find two hazelnut kernels in the same hazelnut shell, which happens sometimes. So, if you find a double kernel hazelnut, you eat one of the kernels and give the other one to someone who wants to play Filipin. The next time you meet this person, or on a certain date that you agreed upon, you must say the word 'filipin'. The first one to say 'filipin' is the winner! Fun, huh?

And now to the origin of the name Filipin. Nope, it's not from the Philippines.. According to wikipedia it's actually a misinterpretation of the German word vielliebchen which means something like sweetheart, or the Lithuanian word filibas which means small couple. This explain my lack of knowledge in this question, phew.

Now, my question to you is, have you ever played Filipin? And most important, did you win?


  1. Now you have! You can introduce a new tradition next Christmas :)

  2. Vilken festlig lek!